guess who's coming for lunch???

our old roomie!!
we are so excited!! she is on her way to nacanowhere and is stopping through!
we are so excited. have i said that enough???
and i promise, guys, the sewing machine is coming out of hiding this weekend! there will be more crafts coming.
i have some shorts like these, to make for a sweet friend who gives me much more credit than i am due so i have to practice on a few to make sure i remember how to thread my needle...
what else???
i guess there was a big trade that went on yesterday (and a whole television network that dedicated its day to it)...i dont get too involved in things outside of sports in my own state, so im just trying to keep my head on baseball (aves and jeff and i stayed up for the whole rangers game last night and she loved it!! esp when i told her we need to call linds and go to a game and get popcorn, cotton candy, pretzels, nachos, lemon chills, ice cream in a cap...) but gotta say i am sad for cleveland...(but excited that dirk is staying with the mavs! i mean, at least there is loyalty in the lone star state. and really, can you put a price on loyalty?? (maybe $60 million??))
if you know me personally, you know that i have been trying to perfect this recipe for years (has it been years, bob? it sure feels like it...) and my mom made it when we went to the lake for the first time of her life and perfected it!! she is amazing. it melted in our mouths. it was just fantastic. i came home and got a lot closer but i dont feel ready to post pics of it yet. and then i probably need gran to come try it and make sure its perfect.
yesterday, we went to the park by our house. it was a lot of fun and there is an amphitheatre, a play area and a fountain. of course my kids got into the fountain completely clothed and were wet most of the trip. they loved it, of course.
while we were walking up and down the steps at the amphitheatre an old man, who appeared to be homeless, came up to me and kept saying something about dollars. i didnt have any money and felt bad so i was about to tell him that and he reached out and handed me three dollars. one for each kid. he told me he didnt have any kids and wanted to give them to mine. how sweet is that?? it just made my day. i still kinda cant believe he did that.
i saved the money and want to give it to them when they understand what a sacrifice that was for the old man (but we know i will probably spend it on a sonic drink...at least i have a plan in the right direction).
hope yall have a great weekend! we will let you know how our roommate reunion goes!


the tichenor family said...

Ummm, that recipe sounds too good to be true. I happen to have LOTS of uneaten brown bananas on my counter, because apparently my toddler likes cookies better.

You are so sweet to make me shorts, I'm soooo excited. And you are beyond inspiring to me. So creative, so crafty, and such a sweet and fabulous mama to THREE little ones. Whew!

Have a wonderful weekend sweet blog friend! xoxo

jan said...

You make me cry and then laugh! What an amazing spiritual lesson....wow! Feel blessed to have been chosen to receive it from the Lord! You are so blessed and we love you!

Leslie said...

I am making your banana bread recipe tomorrow!! I love it!! MIss you and hope we can catch up soon!! And I need some step by step instructions on sewing. Have a great weekend!!!

Cassie said...

I was secretly hoping the "friend" you linked to would be me :)

Jessibee08 said...

Kristen, I NEED you to make me a pair of those shorts too!!! How much can I pay you?!?! OR, if you do a tutorial I can TRY to make them as cute as yours. :) Please please please.
Jessica Oxford Bottomly

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