McKenna turns 5!

It doesn't seem possible. 
I remember when Ella turned 5 like it was yesterday and there's no way McKenna is that big now too. 
It's so bitter sweet. I always tell my girls to stop growing. I was saying it over and over to McKenna the other night and she was just giggling and saying, I'm sorry Mom but God is making me turn 5!
That kid is such a light and loves life and God so much. 
We witnessed some bullying the other day at a park with some older kids and on the way home I was talking to the girls about the situation. We were not involved in it but close enough that the girls knew something was going on. Parents were there and things were handled but it was just so sad to see a group of mean girls laugh at the pleasure of bringing another girl down. It really gets the Mama Bear fired up in me. Before I go off on a rant, I'll get back to my point. 
My girls kept asking me why the group of girls would be so mean to the other girl. I told them how I didn't understand or know either and that we should pray for them to have a kind heart.  McKenna then says, well I can be the one to tell them about God if they don't know him. Amen McKenna. Amen.
I love when my 4 (well now 5!) year old reminds me how simple life should be and that the answer to all questions and situations is always God. Always.
One of our bedtime routines is family prayer time. We started this years ago and it's become one of my favorite things. The prayers are short and sweet but always so thoughtful and sometimes hilarious. When it comes to McKenna for her turn, she asks the same thing every single night. "Does Dad have work tomorrow?" Yes he does. "Does Dad have study?" Yes he does. "Does Dad have long extra hard work or normal work?" That answer varies on his call schedule. She then prays for Dad to have a good day at work and a good study. It's like clockwork and so so sweet! Another thing during our bedtime routine is sometimes we lay with the girls for 2 minutes. Every time I start to scratch McKenna's back or rub her head, she doesn't just lay there and relax, she immediately puts her hand on my arm or back and rubs mine too. It melts my heart every time. This kid is pure joy and has a heart of gold.
Even when McKenna was much younger, Bob and I could already see how wise and smart she was. She has most of Bob's genes in her and I love to see how her busy body just goes and goes and never wants to stop. Just like her dad. Even when she's not at school learning, she wants to be learning or growing in some way. She loves to be given a job or task. She loves completing something and seeing the finished product. She does not love to sit still and watch a movie. She will sit still but only with something that she can concentrate on and be hands on with. She loves a craft like all the girls in this house and will create with me all day and into the night. Still, her all time favorite thing to play is baby dolls. She is going to be the perfect mommy one day.
Both my girls have always been so great at just jumping in and rolling with whatever new situation is in front of them. Something I admire in them so much. Moving to a new town this summer and having them both start school with knowing no one about did me in, but not them. Neither one of them are afraid to walk in a room or school full of complete strangers. They do it both so differently though. Ella takes the slow and steady approach and adjusts herself to a new group of friends when she feels comfortable. McKenna dives in head first and basically has the new group adjust to her. I don't mean that in a way where McKenna takes over and is the boss. It's not like that at all. She is actually very quiet at school. What I mean is that her personality just makes friends fast and before you know it, she's got 5th graders saying hi to her down the hall. She is such a hoot and just has a way about her. 
McKenna is very tender hearted and kind. She loves to see everyone happy, including people on tv. She can't watch something unless she knows whats going to happen first. Even after I tell her she still asks a million times whats going to happen next. Full House, Yo Gabba Gabba and Blues Clues are about the only shows she will actually sit down and watch. Everything else, she usually just leaves the room to play.
 I have recently realized this more sensitive side of her. She is my kid who cries in movies, big moments in life or from something or someone that just means so much to her. Happy tears, sad tear, all the above. She doesn't like you to know it though. She tries to fight it and hold them back but sometimes she can't. It's the absolute most sweetest thing to see. She loves people and things in life so much that sometimes it just makes her cry happy tears. Before her class went on stage to sing Happy Birthday Jesus for their school Christmas program, she ran up to tell me something. She whispered in my ear, "I love this so much that my eyes might water." 
You make my eyes water McKenna Leigh. I love you so so much! Happy Happy Birthday my big girl! Now please just stop growing. 

We are celebrating McKenna with an Art themed Party next weekend so I'll be back soon with pics from that!


jojo said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl! As the grandmother of this little girl my heart explodes with joy to see the love in this family. So proud of you all and love you so much!!

Joni Anderle said...

Oh my goodness, what a doll! She is just precious and a heart of gold! Happy Birthday McKenna!

I so enjoy you girls and your blog, even if it makes me a tiny bit stalker! :P I loved how real you both were at your booth in Fort Worth, what I read here is exactly how you both are! I may have girl crushes! :) Thanks for the amazing shirts (wearing my mountain mama one now) and for letting me fan-girl and take a picture with both of you beautiful ladies!!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Oh I love this post so much! Ion all teary just reading it! t's all just so true. Love that sweet big five year old! She and her sister are so something special. Love you all!

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