McKenna's Art Party

This was a fun party to prep for. Lots of splatter paint and lots of help from the Bday girl! I will forever think of this party every time I go in my garage. The drop cloths didn't so much catch alllll of the paint. oops! I would definitely classify it has an improvement to the garage floor though.
I ordered the aprons on Amazon and McKenna loved adding a splash of color and her hand print to each one. I then screen printed McKenna turns 5 on them.

I originally made everyone's party shirt say something different but when they saw how cool my ROY G. BIV one turned out, they all wanted that one too! 

We had her party at a place called Van Grow and it was fantastic! The room was so cute and the girl who helped run the party was so so sweet and fun. All I did for decorations was a table with a few snacks. 
My cousin gave me a genius tip on making the eatable paintbrushes. I would have been the sucker who made rice crispy treats from scratch and cut them all into rectangles. She told me to just buy the already packaged rice crispy treats and then just dip them in colored chocolate. Duh! 

As the kids came in, they could go to a table and do bead work or decorate a party hat. Once everyone got there, each kid got a cardboard letter of their name.

Legacy Cakes once again made the cutest cake ever and it was absolutely delicious!

You know I can't have a party without some kind of giveaway! 
143 was the lucky number. If you haven't read the book Purple, Green and Yellow, you totally should! It's one of our favorites and so funny.

For the party favors I ordered these clear paint buckets from Oriental Trading company. I filled them with art themed goodies. I ordered most of the things from Amazon and a few from Oriental Trading company.

Thank you so much for everyone that came and helped McKenna put the ART in PARTY!

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