Barstad Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from the Barstads!
Everyone got a (stuffed or robotic) animal!
(I want to say that no real animals were harmed in the making of our Christmas, but there were a few squirrel deaths...)
Sarah and her family came in town for a very sad reason, but we were so so thankful to have them here for Christmas.  It just MADE the holiday season and we love them so much.  The kids couldnt contain their excitement to go play with their cousins every morning when they woke up.

Chuck e cheese is kind of a tradition now.
And seeing baby Eli and baby Kai back to back pretty much made shea's entire life.  She was in heaven and wanted to hold them both non stop.
We made kringla with Grandma, which is the most delicious cookie/biscuit thing that just melts in your mouth that is a tradition she has passed down to all of us.

We went to Christmas Eve service at our church and it was so moving and beautiful when we all sung a cappella to candle light at the end.
Then we had christmas with my family and went skiing.
It was amazing.
And this year we went ice skating.  
That seems like a normal thing to do, but in all of our years going to Utah, we never ever stray from the routine of skiing, hot tubbing, watching sports, eating too much and going to bed- just to wake up and do it all again the next day.  This time we went wayyyyy out of our comfort zone and tried something new (for about an hour).  
And it was SO MUCH FUN!

Then, we went straight home and played Pie Face.
And Ben made Kai laugh the cutest laugh in the world!
And came home and played with all of our new toys.
I would say it was the best Christmas ever.

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