Holiday Sweatshirts

Al and I just started screen printing holiday designs onto the softest (alternative apparel) sweatshirt and we put them in our etsy shop!
The car on this sweatshirt is a land rover Defender 110 that Jeff bought when we were first married off of craigslist. It is kindddddd of slow, so he rarely gets to drive it, but it definitely makes for a good looking tree hauler.  Funnily enough, Jeff didn't mind much about how I drew the car, but was much more particular about the tree.  He told me that the limbs would not hang over the car as much as I made them in my first drawing because the defender was so wide.  I told him it just shows how big of a tree it can carry :)
Needless to say, he took time and fixed the tree and it looks much better.
These trees were inspired by the trees drew for Shea's birthday invitations and just ended up loving.  I made her one with the trees that says happy holiday on it underneath for her favorite holiday, her birthday :)
Jeff got so excited about me using his car and the tree that he made his own rendition with the 'over the river and through the woods'.  Love that guy.
I figured we needed something to represent my love for knitting.
Giving the chickens a little love.
So, head on over and grab one if you want!

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