11 Months

11 months.
Just insanity.  I truly can not believe you are almost a year shea.  AN ENTIRE YEAR OLD.  That is blowing my mind.  I knowwwww that I say that every month, but the fact that in one month I will no longer count your life in months but in years, astounds me.
You and me are quite a pair.  But not the pair that we were a month ago.  A month ago I was your all in all and now, now you love everyone.  You take just a minute to warm up, but once you see that they can get you to be the center of attention or to something that you are curious about, you jump my ship.  You love to be seen and noticed and a part.
You can almost walk.  You stand on your own while holding whatever you are holding, but you dont go anywhere yet.  You are suppppper advanced for a barstad in this regard and we are throughly impressed by even your ability to stand before you are 1.
Your favorite people are still your siblings.  You cry when they leave to go to school still and absolutely cant stand it when they are home.  You dole out kisses like its your job and say ahhhhhhh the whole time you are hugging them.  They love you right back (even though sass has said she only wants one kid when she grows up because it will be easier to take care of.  I think I have convinced her to at least have two so they can have siblings.  Time will tell.)
When aves was sick and home from school, I think you thought you had won the lottery.  You were so happy to have another kid around the house and not just me.
And this month you pooped in the tub.
So, theres that.
You still laugh like crazy all the time and love to talk.  You can say "roar" so very quietly when we ask you what a dinosaur says.  You say mama and dada and nana and night night and papa and the kids say you said Jake the other night, too.  You have some other animals down, but not all the way yet.
I can not even begin to think about how the next one of these will be my last.  I love you more than I can put in words on this blog shea.  You are a light. Truly.
happy 11 months.

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