Getting the gang back together

Over the weekend, Allison and fam came in town and spent the night!
Al and I worked on the sweat shirts, and the kids, easily inspired, clearly, started their own entrepreneurial venture and made a Rainbow Loom Shop.  They spent most of the time that they were together, whether they were watching a movie or playing, multitasking by also making bracelets, rings, necklaces or anything they could out of those little bands that you can never really clean up.
Clearly they come by it all naturally.
There was also some group braiding and dress up,
movie watching on a pallet,
and a little baby feeding.
In the morning we tried to see if they kids could take our picture.
There are a lot of outtakes that I need to add to this post, but this is probably the only one where we are all in it (plus Kenna)
Thank y'all for staying with us, al! It was just so fun being together and getting to start the shirt making under the same roof.
I can't wait until you are a lot closer and this can happen muchhhhh more often.

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