Thanksgiving Break

I MEAN! Who wants to go to Disney World right now??? I can not stop reading that post.  It is only the 9 month belly holding me back from jumping on a plane right now.  I was on the edge of my seat with every pic she posted!  Mickey! Minnie! Every ride! AHHH! Love it all!
The week of Thanksgiving we pretty much tried to have all the fun we could stand to have outside of Disney World.  
The kids made scavenger hunts, played tons of board games, celebrated my birthday, went to the aquarium with linds and fam, hung snow flakes of every variety; we pulled down the Christmas decor and hung up everything we could find, we went to get the Christmas Tree, we went downtown for the Christmas festival in the square and had numerous crafts at Nana and Papa's. 
It was so much fun.  Having them home just made me so happy.  I was so excited for the break and to have them home.
They, however, were not as enthused.  As soon as Thursday hit, they were asking when they could go back to school and how many more days they had to have off.  
Talk about self esteem boosters, those kids.
Needless to say, regardless of if they had the best time of their lives, I did.  And, luckily they seemed ok when the very next week we were snowed in and they had to stay home with me for four more days.  Poor kids.
I mean, check out that face paint- amazing.  I could not get over it. Ben was so excited.  He asked us to take his pic over and over- especially with his eyes closed so we could see his tiger eyes.
 I made some stockings for a few friends too.  I used a different pattern that I kind of winged and it was really so much fun.  They look more like boots and less like socks.  I also finished Shea's nursery and moved everything of Ben's to the other room so we are ready for his or her arrival anytime.  (Hear that baby Shea? ANYTIME NOW would be so great!)
Hope everyone had a fantastic break and rested, relaxed and ate way too much.  


Liz Luscomb said...

What fun!! Love the face paintings. ;)

Do you mind me asking what pattern you used for your stockings?

Misty said...

I just can't stop looking at that stocking. You are awesome!

robyn said...

stockings are awesome! I especially love the little hearts ! :)

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