Bob's Year of 37 December Envelope

It's that time again! 
December's envelope had a little something extra that wouldn't fit.

Bob and his brothers all have nick names for each other. They have had them for years. Long before I even met Bob. Clark is what they have always called Bob. There is no good back story to it, just that it's from Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation and it stuck. They still call him Clark every now and then.  So when I saw this shirt at urban outfitters, I couldn't pass it up. 

Sticking with the 37 theme, Psalm 37 is the verse for this month. It is a good one. One I could read every month of the year. 

In the spirit of giving this month I gave Bob 37 dollars to pass on to someone else.

With our girls being so young, I feel like we are still figuring out what Christmas traditions will stick around each year. Bob reading them The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve is a keeper for sure. And without a doubt, so is matching pjs. (I bet that's the first thing Bob writes about in his journal for this month)
The personal notes for this month were from his mom and dad and he loved reading them so much. Happy December babe! 

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Misty said...

allison, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

we always try to pay it forward & especially during the holidays. I am loving the idea of passing out money with notes saying to bless someone else! I think you just gave me a great idea. ;) We are almost iced/snowed in, so I will be making a fun little printable for it :) yay!

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