Iced In and the rest of lately

To say that I thought the ice storm was the ruiner of my weekend and/or life is unfortunately pretty accurate.  UGH.  I was so depressed.  (and I think my cousin Lindsey says it the best to all the skeptics.) I was so excited about the amazing shower Linds and Al and Julie were throwing and just seeing all my closest friends.  I was pretty bummed it was canceled.  (Along with everything else fun we had planned when icemagedon hit.)  But, when Jeff saw me get back in bed on Sat and hide my head under the pillows, he really pulled out his bid for the best husband ever and de-iced the car, got gas and loaded us up for the 3 hr drive over to colleyville so I could at least see linds and al and their kids.
 It pretty much turned my whole weekend around and we ended up having so much fun stuffing ourselves with cake and watching amazing programs with princesses and knights and mermaids.
I can not say thank you enough for all they did- all everyone did who tried to come or even thought about it in that weather before we canceled it.  Everyone who sent a gift and called and texted- thank you.  I cant tell you what that has meant to me and to our family.  We are so thankful for the people that surround us and encourage us- esp having four kids.  whew.
ben licking the ice
Since then we have been keeping ourselves busy getting ready for Shea.
We made some snow globes again this year. 
Some of them didnt take too well to the water and their animals/trees came off of the bottom so some of them we just left waterless.  Still a hit.
making snow globes
I made a red and black hat in honor of the lumberjack trend that I cant get enough of but cant wear because I am carrying around a large bowling ball that is causing massive swelling in every appendage I have.
lumberjack hat
I still haven't decided if I am going to add a pom or not…
We got our tree decorated and lit.
We went down for a quick day trip for the Hilltop Gets Lit Christmas party and luminaries.  It was amazing.
hilltop gets lit 2013
I have been making lots of tights and hats for Shea and friends and just loving every minute of it.  I am still so obsessed with spoonflower. It is just so much fun to make a fabric and then have it sent to me and make something out of it!
This one was in hopes that Shea might be here for Christmas.  Unfortunately, it is not looking that way.  I may have to pass these along to someone else. sigh.  I did have tons of false labor for a couple of days and we ran around getting stuff together (and by that I mean making shirts for the rest of us).
But, alas, nothing came of it.
And false labor is not for the faint of heart.  Whew.  I got so excited and then so down that it wasn't the real thing.  I am trying not to throw myself a pity party (which I clearly am trying to make a habit of this winter) and just enjoy the holidays.  I am so thankful that everything looks good with Shea, to have three kids to celebrate with already, to be closer to family; for jeff to have a job, and Jesus's birthday and everything else that makes this amazing time of year so amazing.  I know that I don't want to miss any of this holiday funness, but I am just so excited about meeting this baby.  And not having to carry it around inside me anymore.  And drinking a beer.  And excessive amounts of coffee.
On the 19th, we celebrated my dad's bday at my brother's new restaurant Barter that is the BEST.  It was so delicious that we came right back and cant stop going.  It is just so much fun trying all the food and drinks.  Even the kids just love it and want to go every time we go.
Happy late bday Dad.  I wish you shared a bday with Shea, but I am so thankful to be able to celebrate the father, friend, Jake and person that you are.  Thank you for instilling in me the love of life and the belief that anything is possible that I set my mind to.  Thank you for your love, constant optimism and support in all we do.  We love you so much!
And now on to Christmas for the next four days!!!!!
Hope y'all are getting everything wrapped and hung and bought!  I can not even put into words how much I love this time of year and am just so thankful for the amazing family, house, friends and life that we have to celebrate with.  I am so so thankful for Christ and His willingness to come down and die for my sins, to live on this earth when this earth is nothing compared to the heaven He left and for doing it all by starting with the humility of coming as a tiny baby.  This chance to thank Him and celebrate all He has done is the reason for our season and we could not be more thankful for it.
Merry Christmas to all!! Hope everything goes smoothly where you are and that you have a chance to curl up with family and friends wherever you are.

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