Summer of Ella! (week 4)

We started off week 4 with some baking. Ella requested pink, purple and white rainbow cupcakes. 
After we filled up on cupcakes, we did a little shaving cream art. Ella loved smearing it all over the table and writing her name in it. 
She also loved covering her arms with it.
We put some on a cookie sheet and then put a few drops of food coloring in it. Swirled it around and laid a piece of paper on top. I scraped the shaving cream off with a spatula and the food coloring made for a pretty cool design.
On Thursday we had a special visitor during the summer of Ella. Brittany and Cooper! They were passing through town so we got to spend a couple of hours with them. It was so fun! We had a water day planned so we spent most of the time outside. 
I had made a water blob that morning which is always a summer favorite for my girls. I saw this brilliant idea on pinterest last summer and it really is so fun. I was such a rookie last summer and it was kinda a fail. This time was so much better. Instead of buying two plastic tarps and taping them together I bought a 3.5 mil plastic tarp that was 10ft by 25ft. I then folded it in half and then duck taped all the edges together. I also did all the taping inside this summer which was much easier than trying to do it in the wind outside. Duh. Nice to see that I get smarter each summer.
I then folded it in half again and duck taped the edges together. Folding it in half twice made it much thicker so it never ripped a hole and doing the double duck taped helped not get so many leaks.
Then stick the hose in a little opening in the corner and fill it up. So much fun! 
Before picking up McKenna we got a snow cone to finish off another fun Summer of Ella day.
I was excited for McKenna to get home and see the water blob too. I wasn't sure how she would like it because sometimes she is weird with textures. She loved it though! She was giddy.
Happy Summer everyone!

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