Summer of Ella! (week 2)

The Summer of Ella week 2 was really just one day because the 4th of July fell in the week.
After we dropped McKenna off at school we came back to the house for Barbie spa day. I had done my google research on how to tame Barbie's lovely locks. We had done the water and fabric softener trick before and I wasn't that impressed. I found this blog where she tried 4 different combos on Barbie's hair. She thought that the hot water and vinegar was the most successful. So, Ella and I mixed up many bowls and began Barbie's hair treatment. 
The smell was pretty strong. It went away once Barbie's hair dried. The results weren't that much different than the fabric softener method and from a smell difference I would never do the vinegar again.
Barbie's hair soaked for an hour. While we waited for the treatment to be done, we made our own fruit snacks. I had made these with Ella before and she loved making them again. (even though from this picture she is clearly over me documenting her every move.)
I saw on this blog that they drew their own designs with the fruit snacks. We had to give it a try! 
I found the squirt bottles at the grocery store. The design set within a minute after we drew with them. Ella loved peeling the design off the plate and eating it.
So in the end, Barbie's hair just doesn't get any better than the day you buy her. Y'all let me know if you have any tricks I don't know about. 

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