semi extreme bathroom makeover

so my in laws came in this weekend to help us get our house ready to sell (since we find out where jeff matches in march and then he starts in jun i feel like we need to have it ready by feb so that it has more time to sell...i hope that works anway!! it makes me so anxious but i know God is in control!) and one major project that we have is our master bathroom. we took down the crazy wall paper and massive amounts of mirrors that covered both walls. its really amazing how just a few changes can make such a difference. i really did not love it before and now with the new color and paint it looks so much better. my in laws are amazing people and can do everything by themselves with so much attention to detail and talent. its just great working with them. they are such hard workers and they were good distractions for the kids! and jan had just seen this color called 'gray owl' and it is my new fav. i could swim in it. its done a big number on the bathroom and i cant wait to take it to our next house.
i wish i had a really good "before" pic but i really dont so this really doesnt do it justice. and you can see all my wrinkles, dried out hair and mustache. ah, ignore those. the wallpaper even looks cute here!! but basically this was the color scheme...
so, on to the fun part.
the wall paper was extremely stubborn but it eventually all came off (after our arms cramped up from peeling and spraying and our hands dried out from scraping under our fingernails for paper and liner...good thing we are so tough)
jeff textured the walls and then we all helped paint
jeff and bob replaced the faucets which made a big difference.
and here is what it looks like now!
we took down the mirror that covered the left wall and put up mirrors over the sinks. there was so much space in between them that we needed something in the middle and decided to try a third mirror (cause, you know, everything is better in threes anyway) and i like it. its kinda different but its neutral and i am used to having a lot of mirrors there so i like having one more.
bob and jeff also changed out the towel and toilet paper rack. jan and bob spray painted the original handles that we had (that were gold) a puter color and they look brand new. easy and cheap way to update.
we took off the cabinet doors in front of the toilet and put baskets in the spaces.
the vanity area had a mirror covering the wall and we took that down and replaced it with this oval one.
this is the reflection from the mirror that sits above the bathroom.
it was such a great weekend and huge thanks to bob and jan who changed our life with their remodeling skills and willingness to come help us in the middle of their super busy lives! love them so so much.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, it looks fantastic! Great job!

Elizabeth said...

I would totally buy your house! Awesome job!

jan said...

We had so much fun with. Projects and babies all together....it doesn't get any better...and then put taco soup and homemade bread on top of it. It was a GREAT weekend! Love you all!!

Unknown said...

WOW! Your bathroom is beautiful! Looks straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine! I love it!!!

Lifethrualinds said...

I love grey owl! Maybe we will paint our bathroom that color! Fantastic job guys! I love it! It will sell in no time!

jordan said...

....I LOVE those ducks! and the rest of the project too. it all looks great. If we were going to be in Lubbock long term, we would buy it for sure!

Sarah said...

looks awesome!!

Camila said...

Selling can be so stressful but I'm sure ya'll will have no prob! That looks like an HGTV renovation!

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