fathers day fun!

This was the sentence of the day for Bob on Saturday. We celebrated father's day all day on Saturday and I planned a fun filled day of things for us to do. Everything was a surprise and all I told Bob was "Fuzzy noble chickens hide up from the big cat outback in Boston." Kinda dorky I know but every word in the sentence was a clue to each activity we did that day. Of course smarty pants Bob guessed a few of them right off the bat but he was stumped on a few. Below are some pics of the day and everything we did, it was so fun!

We went to Fuzzy's Taco Shop for breakfast.

We went to Barnes & Noble next for a book reading. Ella also got a new book, Bob picked it out.

Went to Chick-fil-la for lunch. Got a free milkshake for fathers day, Ella loved the cherry.

Mountain Hideaway is one of Bob's fav stores in Lubbock so we took him shopping there, Ella played with the mini tent the whole time.

Just me and Bob went to see the movie Up. Celeste stayed with Ella while she napped.

The science spectrum had a critterfest over the weekend so we went to the big cat tiger show. They also had elephants that you could ride so Ella and Bob did that too!

We ate at Outback for dinner. Ella loved the bread.

We had dessert at this cute little ice cream shop on Boston street. Perfect way to end a perfect day....banana split!


The Whitecotton's World said...

You are SO creative! Love all the fun stuff you came up with for all of you to do.

Brittany Strebeck said...

what a fun day!! and i love your little clue sentence... haha so funny!

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