The Big Three's Baptism

Our church does baptisms once a year at someones house because we dont have a baptistry.  And of course anyone can get baptized anytime they want at any time, but they just like to host an official time for it every year in case someone wants to.
This year we were asked to host it.  
Without knowing it was at our house, avery told us that she wanted to be baptized.  We were so excited for her and when we started talking about it with her, the twins decided they wanted to be baptized too.
(not shea.  But she wanted to be in the pic)
We talked with them about what it means and met with our pastor with them also.  My mom got them Bibles and I thought it would be neat to have everyone highlight their favorite verses and sign their Bibles, so we put them out and people wrote in them throughout the party.
Sass and I also made some salvation bracelets for people to take home.
And when I was telling my cousin Christopher that I my kids were doing this he told me he had just ordered resurrection plants online and how cool they are.  They look completely dead, but given just a little bit of water you can see them grow and come alive as you watch them.  It is just incredible and such an awesome metaphor to how alive we become with Christ.  How dead we are before and how He comes into our hearts and lives and just literally brings life and joy and peace and newness.

I am so incredibly excited for them and for what lies ahead for them in their lives.  We are always praying so much for them and pray that they never forget that Jesus is their savior and is with them in all things, always and always.

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Lifethrualinds said...

Ahhh!! Tears. Love those three kids SO much. Love Jeffs sweet words about each of them. They are going to be fierce in the name of Jesus and I can't wait to watch. ❤️

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