Bakers Dozen

I took a play from Allison's playbook and wore my wedding dress on our anniversary and it was really just made the whole day.
 I did have to leave it open some of the way because the zipper was broken because I tried to stuff myself in it and it did not go well.
I even took it completely off at home and my mom tried to help to no avail.
But no one really noticed.  Or cared.  I mean maybe they did notice since I was in my wedding dress at torchys and target and the record store, but no one said anything.
Torchys was when it sunk in that I was really doing this.  Jeff said "you're brave" and I realized I had maybe not thought through this whole thing.  I was about to go in public with my wedding dress on and I had not done my roots, my face was totally broken out, and my dress wouldn't even zip, so people were going to feel so sorry for me if they thought I got married that morning.
Luckily only one girl said something and was super sweet and said I looked gorgeous although I really did not (roots and zits), but I told her it was my anniversary and I am pretty sure I could feel the relief through the booth.  She had to feel so glad that I had already put a ring on it.

 But it truly just gave the day this added umph and made it so special.  I cant wait to do it again next year on our golden anniversary!
 And then we went to the lake and my parents were so great to watch the kids.  We just hung out and watched The Defiant Ones on tv and it was amazing. My love for 90s hip hop just keeps growing.
And the zipper completely broke and jeff had to tear it open to get me out of the dress with his knife.  SO pretty sure I have to go get it fixed (and let out) so I can wear it next year.  Cheers to 13 years Jeff.  I love you more than I can ever ever tell you.


Lifethrualinds said...

This whole day is phenomenal. So awesome.

Tech IT Solutions said...

I am glad to hear the cute stories of the first day of school of these little munckins.By the way you all look so adorable.

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