Avery Graduates 5th Grade

A few things to remember about this day,
Avery wouldn't do the boomerang.
And she introduced this song to everyone and if we had gotten there on time we would have seen it.
So we both missed out a little today.  
(But us way more)
(Sorry.  Clearly I dont know how to do this the right way *eye roll)
It goes without saying how much I cried.
I couldn't sit still because I just couldn't stop crying.  Thinking about the tiny baby that made me a mom and the way she has grown into such an amazing person.  And crying watching these kids sing and do just such an incredible job.  Then the teachers came up and talked about each kid and gave them all awards and I cried watching the joy and pride that they had for each kid.  And I cried just thinking about the millions of hours that they spent on these kids that will never be truly known.  The teachers at our school are rock stars.  I say it all the time, but its true. Angels from heaven that came to this school to love on our kids and look past all the lack of resources and the extra set of needs that our community has.  They don't even see that.  They spend so many extra hours and money and energy that its impossible to thank them enough for helping shape my kids.  
Avery got the shining star of the year from her teacher and it was just the coolest thing.  I pray so much that she is a light.  There have been tough times where she has not wanted to go back to school for various reasons, but she has always pushed through and ended up being so glad she did.  And honestly I don't know what its like in a title one school as a student.  I don't know what they dynamic is with half of the classes being Spanish speaking and the other half English speaking.  And we dont speak Spanish.  I wish we did and we are all trying to learn, but haven't yet.  Or where most of the kids get their Christmas from being on angel trees all over the rest of McKinney and hoping they get picked.  Or watching your friends go without lunch.  I can imagine it is hard for everyone sometimes.  
I love you, Munch and I am so thankful for you.  I am so excited for you and all you will do next year in middle school and all you have done in elementary.  You have led the whole news crew team and put on the news with just yourself when everyone was out.  You love others like Jesus does and you know who He is.  You have been chosen by your teacher for such an honor and you have lasting, kind friendships.  You know who you are and your confidence is something that is just so joyful to watch.  You are a light.  The very definition of it and I cant wait to see where all you shine with it next year.

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