Room Shuffle and a big girl bed for Shea

 Well, we did it.
We moved shea into a big girl bed and moved Aves into her own room.

It was definitely sad moving shea to a big bed and seeing her transition even more to a big kid. 
But it was even harder seeing avery go from a kid to a preteen right before my eyes.
She loved getting to decorate her room and she has rearranged a few times and loved having sleep overs and showing her friends.
She just is a grown up and it blows my mind that she is about to turn 11 this month!
Sass ended up with the loft area that avery was in and now shea has Sass's old bed and ben stayed the same.
Sweet Ben. So thankful that he didnt care that he didnt get anything new. He is so kind and unselfish. I dont want to forget that.
Shea had been getting up a lot during the night and was crawling out of her crib (hence the reason to move), and since she is in a big bed she sleeps mostly through the night! She does have trouble going to bed and goes back and forth to ben and averys bed before she finally falls asleep.  And sometimes Avery still sleeps in our room on the couch because she is scared.  I guess maybe she still has some littleness in her.
Overall, it was a success.  I just wish we could get naps back...

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