Louisa Ingrid Barstad

But we call her Lulu.
We did it.  We got another dog.
Jeff had been looking at the SPCA website and found one that looked just like maddie.  He showed me her picture and we decided we should take the plunge.
So, we drove to Wichita Falls on Sunday afternoon and told the kids that we had a surprise for them.  We didnt tell them what it was or give any clues, so they had no idea.
We pretended to need to go to the restroom at petsmart where her foster parents were going to meet us to give her to us.
Even when we went inside and came out and Jeff was holding her, they still didnt catch on.

 But once we told them, they were beyond excited and avery almost started crying.
It was magical.
SO we drove home and thought of names the whole way.  Pepper, Sunny, Ingrid, Peppa, Poppy, and so many more.  Lulu was kind of thrown out there at the beginning and we just couldnt shake it.
It doesnt mean anything, but we think its cute.  So it stuck.
 And Gracie has been so sweet to her since she came home.

 She literally feels like a cloud, she is so soft.  And she is just the sweetest.  Loves the kids and loves us.  IT is amazing.
 We took her downtown the other night and everyone was all over her.  It was the cutest thing.
And if you look at her spot the right way it looks like a heart.
She is amazing.
*Quick Disclaimer- She does however still pee in her kennel and in the house.  She peed ON me in the car on the way home from the store the other day.  So we definitely have a ways to go but she is already catching on fastish.  Its not all rainbows and hearts, but it is getting better.  I didn't want to leave this without documenting that there have been some 'oh crap what have we gotten ourselves into' moments.  And I may have had a few panic attacks.  But for the most part its been pretty good and she really is so worth the pee. 

Welcome to our family Lulu Bear.

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