Shea's biggest, loudest, craziest Troll party EVER

Shea exclusively wears Troll pajamas all day, everyday- she loves Trolls.
She had seen the movie 3 times before her party and she just fell in love with it.
We all really did. 
It is so sweet and so positive and, I kind of think 'celebrate alwaysish'.
So we knew we had to have a troll party.  Luckily since I never actually threw the twins a crazy 8 party, we had tons of stuff to use.
Jeff helped my vision of a troll tree entrance come true and it looked amazing!
And then the kids had the genius idea to use balloons hanging as the little pods that the trolls live in.

And I took photos before the party and then pretty much forgot.

Victoria shared her birthday with Shea, yet again by using her free time to make Shea these amazing cupcakes for her birthday that were gorgeous AND delicious.

And the kids made their hair into troll hair with this awesome spray hair stuff from Andi.
They loved it.

And the best part, by far, of the entire party.
Shea's entire personality is summed up in this video.
I just love her.
Happy Birthday Shea Shea. I cant believe that you are three.  It feels like just yesterday  you were born and now you are in a big girl bed! We love you so so much.  And are learning how to manage your incredibly large personality...
(and here is one to show us all someday that she did allow victoria to come to her birthday and allowed it it be Vic's birthday too.  She matured alot after blowing out her candles.)

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