Show Season

Show Season. We love a show.
We started out with Christmas In Cowtown and it was a 5 day show in Ft Worth.

We had a blast.

One day we had a BYOM (bring your own mom) day.

We had so many visitors and met so many awesome people.  It was just such a fun show.
Then we went to Handmade Harvest in Denton and it was just phenomenal.  

The talent there was insane and the people were so nice.

Rachel and Daniel watched shea for the day and brought her up to the show.  And Allisons kids came and helped and then Kenna stayed with us the whole show! It was so fun having the kids there with us.
Then we had the FleaStyle in Dallas.

It was two days this year and we had tons of fun setting up the screen wall that bob built for the show.
Jan made us some garland and it is gorgeous.  We love the challenge of finding a new way to set up our booth.  It's always so much fun for us to switch it up.
And of course Craig was there with his fanny pack.  That he copied from us.  That he won't admit to. But we all know the truth.
Then we took the screen wall to our last show in Ft Worth.

Where Bob got me the best pizza I have ever had.
And we had a blast with so many of the amazing people we have me through this.
We have had a blast doing shows and we cant wait for the next show season!

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