Chobani ftw

eating yogurt
Last week Chobani, the yogurt company, contacted us about participating in their new Chobani Kids project in honor of National Nutrition month in March. They are introducing Chobani Tots and yogurt pouches and sleeves that contain real fruits and veggies and only natural ingredients.  We were THRILLED to be a part.
It just so happens that I LOVE their product and love greek yogurt. I eat it all the time, so I was all in. I use it instead of sour cream in so many dishes, put ranch packets into it to make ranch dip for veggies or chips, put granola on it, already feed it to my kids, etc.  We love it.  It has tons of protein and we have been eating it for years.
shea and sass
So, I was excited to get to do a post for something we really love already.
I told them we could do it this week and very quickly this week got away from me.  I started thinking that there wasn't going to be a time where we could all comb our hair and look presentable for pictures eating yogurt.
yogurt eating
Then, this afternoon, while we were sitting on the porch, Sass went and got some Chobani yogurt sleeves (that we put in the freezer so they are more like frozen yogurt) for her and Shea.  They sat on the porch eating them when it suddenly dawned on me that we were actually eating Chobani yogurt in a completely un staged setting and all I really needed was a camera.  SO, clearly I knocked over everything in my path, grabbed it before the yogurt melted too much and took these pics.  
We are so thankful Chobani let  us be apart of their campaign to help kids eat healthier.  Their products make it so easy and delicious.
Best Day Ever.

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klaus said...

One of the reasons Snapchat filters are so remarkable is that they can instantly transform any gathering into a themed spectacular. The comical face swaps and eccentric hats they wear never fail to bring back the feeling of being a child in all of us. They are also a source of irreplaceable laughter when captured on camera.

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