Bob's Year of 37 July Envelope

I can't believe it is already July. Summer is going by so fast, too fast. We have been having fun getting lots of stuff checked off from the list that was in Bob's June envelope. July won't be as easy going for Bob. He is on a pretty rough rotation this month with lots of long hours and not a lot of sleep. Hopefully July flies by as fast as June did. 
Bob is the kind of guy that doesn't buy a new shirt until the old one is literally unwearable. So when it comes to swimsuits, he is still wearing the two he bought for our honeymoon, that was TEN years ago. His mom gave him one for Father's day a few years ago so that was nice to have a 3rd one in his rotation. They are still in great shape so I don't blame him but I would like to see him mix it up (and by mix it up, I don't mean tie dye pattern on floral print babe) every now and then. I gave him 37 dollars to go towards a new one. I would bet 37 more dollars that he doesn't use it on a new swimsuit though. It will just go towards bills or coffee. Love that guy.
I made a list of 37 encouraging quotes for Bob to read throughout this month. 
The personal notes were from Chris and Amy. Bob loved reading the sweet words from some dear friends that we haven't seen in forever! So awesome that there are so many people helping me make each month so special to Bob. 
Happy July everyone! 

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