7 months

 Happy 7 months Shea Bean!
You had your first fever this month and it was so terrible.  I just hate a baby with a fever!
Ugh.  But you recovered quickly like dad said you would even though I over dramatized everything and thought it was the end.
You also had your first ranger game and I think you thought it was just one huge arena with people there for you.  You loved it.  You really just love a party of any kind.   You also started laughing so so much.  You have always been a pretty easy laugh and such a fun person all around, but you are really letting loose.
You could not stop laughing when we were squirting whipped cream into ben and sass and averys mouths and it was hysterical.  Probably the best sound in the world.

You still think your siblings are the best, clearly, and love having them around to play with.
And I am going to have to come back in and photoshop you on your blanket pic.  I definitely did not get that done this month, so in case you were already worried your life is a lie, you are sure of it now.
Lets keep moving toward that sleep through the night thing. And I will work on actually taking your month pictures in the month that I post them...

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