Painted Wooden Balls turned Garland and some Glittered Pumpkins

So, this was supposed to be a fall garland for the fire place, and well, I may have gone too fairytale pumpkin colors on it to be called "fall", but it was fun anyway.
painted balls
We just painted some wooden balls from Michaels and then Jeff drilled holes in them and I strung them up.  Super complicated and I am sure you guys would never have figured any of that out :) But it was fun and did add some color to the house.
(and pay no attention to the clutter beside the fire place...We are still moving in.  5 months later...)
And we painted and glittered some pumpkins the other day and it was a hit.  We just painted them first and added whatever color or kind of glitter was first available.  Ben made a lot of his to resemble the earth.  So there was all kinds of learning going on.
So, thats about the most of our halloween decor.  We sprinkled some of the pumpkins around the house and on the fireplace.  Suffice it to say, we are going for a very colored theme this year.
And if I dont stop eating the halloween candy that I have out I am never going to be able to get out the door again.  This stuff is killing me.  And possiblyyyyy (I mean, there may or may not be a direct correlation) making me fail my diabetes test.  I had to do the  long three hour one on friday and it literarily took everything out of me.  It was a nightmare.  Who knew a little sunkist and fasting combo could ruin a day??!   Ugh.  SO, wish me luck.  Results come today.  We know I am not going to be the best at monitoring my sugar intake levels...


Kristi said...

Love all the fun projects you and the kids did! So so sorry to hear about you having to take the long test. Praying you passed it! If not...I will be honest that managing the diabetes this pregnancy hasn't been that hard or that bad. It just takes planning ahead which I am not great at, but getting better.

Hayley and Aaron said...

Love the fairytale fall theme! Looks beautiful! I took my one hour test today as well and at first I didn't think that sunkist was all that bad! Felt a little differently later! Been worried all month that my sugar addiction would make me fail!! We shall see...Really don't want to drink that stuff again! Hope your test was just a fluke and this one come back with good results!! Happy Halloween Barstads!

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