Color Factory

When Victoria Prahl tells you that flights are $50 to San Fransisco and that The Color Factory is about to be done with its month long stint there (or so we thought.  It ended up going longer but we didnt know that at the time. doesnt matter) You buy tickets and do it.  
So we did.
With just the four of us.
It was absolutely incredible.
Everything you could dream up, it was there.  Just a place full of magic and fun.
Jordan Ferney and Oh Happy Day have been inspirations of mine for so long and getting to see the magic and creativity that is in her brain come out like this was beyond inspiring.
Happy faces in neon! Rainbow walkways! Rooms full of confetti! Balloon filled rooms! Disco ball rooms! Giant markers! Scratch and sniff walls! 

The confetti room was a huge hit.  We spent like a full hour in there.
Giant lite brights!
Giant Streamers that you went into and could only see streamers all around you!

And it ended with a giant ball pit and an ice cream cone.
Then we explored San Fran the rest of the 24 hours we were there.
We went to go see the Bridge from a park that Vic had heard of and we ended up having this awesome uber driver who told us to go to a place where you can see the bridge and the sunset and it was just magical.
Truly. Magical.

Getting to spend that short 24 hours with my oldest girls and Vic was just so crazy wonderful and I cant wait for more spontaneous trips that we have together.  I dont really love to travel (I KNOW) until I do it.  And I am very bad at carving out time with just a few kids or one at a time and getting to do both in such an amazing place- it just was perfect.  Turns out that San Fransisco and all of its beautiful color and amazing places and hills is one of my favorite cities.  Southwest, I need a wanna get away deal.

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