Spring Break (better late than never...)

We went skiing with my parents for the beginning and it was just so fun to see the kids improve.
Jeff stayed out one day with me even when we were cold and the powder was big.  It was so much fun. I love love to ski and Jeff likes it, but I am definitely the one who makes us stay out. And it just made it so much better to do it together.

That portrait mode oh my gosh. I love Jeff's phone.
Avery opted to stay in this day and we had a blast blowing and going with the twins.  They are so much better by the end of the trip and we just had so much fun going up and down over and over with them.
 Then Ben got to go fish with Papa and Jeff and he had the time of his life.

 And to make the break even better, he went hunting with Jeff and Daniel. I dont think that kid could have had more fun if he tried.

 The girls and I had a girls day and got their nails done (I am way to shy and socially awkward to do it myself, but they were so cute with theirs!) and went to see hidden figures.  It was amazing- if you haven't seen it rent it today! 
And then school started back with playdates and homework and tutoring and actually making dinner....

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