BYOP and Halloween 2016

The only pics from the school fall festival.  It was a blast and the kids would have stayed forever if they could. 
Avery is a Burks Ambassador so she had to go early to help set up, so she missed out on the photo op.
Then on Saturday we had our second annual BYOP and it was so much fun!


Monday was Halloween and Ben was a paleontologist, Sass a vampire, Shea was Ariel and Avery was a french girl.

And Jeff was Shea.
(Or her eye brows at least)

We went to Jan and Bob's and ate hot dogs and handed out candy more than actual trick or treating, and it was perfect.
Shea was scared at first, but then started handing out candy and recognizing every costume.  If she got scared, she would cover her ears and then tell me "it's just pretend" and talk herself into it.
I am so so thankful for these neighborhood nights.
I am really trying to create more community with every person around us.
I have made friends with the people in the apartments just around the corner and really have been trying to invite people into our lives that just walk by our house.
I know that not everyone wants to come know us, but I just want everyone to feel welcome here.  And loved.  And I want to learn from everyone around us.  I want to open my circle wider.  Lately, I have been reading a lot about that from Shannan Martin's new book Falling Free and it just was so encouraging to me. 
Having a party is not necessarily helping any one, but you know I love a party.  

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