80s Dance, Field Day, Last day of School and Sno Cones

We killed it at the 80's dance.
And Ben's shirt is actually from the 80's because its Patricks shirt from growing up that my mom saved.  Legit. Too legit, really. 
(to quit.  I had to.)
And Carol saved Bart's and Ty wears his shirt so that just is about the coolest (and most 80's) thing ever.
Overall it was a super fun night. Avery brought Mary and I think she had fun too.
Shea was overwhelmed with the noise and lights and glow sticks, so I had to wait outside a lot, but the big kids pretty much loved their life.
Field day was super fun for the twins.
They had awesome water stuff and tons of fun games and Shea and I loved every bit of it.
(Averys was in the afternoon and she was not up for waiting so she went home with me at noon when I took the twins home.  Lame.)

They gave Shea popsicles allllll day, so she never wanted to leave.
Until she wanted to get naked and they informed me that could NOT have a naked baby running around. Then she was kind of ready to go.

Then there was an awesome awards ceremony where every kid got an award and it was so much fun. I, of course, teared up.  
Avery also opted out of this.  It was the same day as field day.  I teared up at that too.
And on the last day of school Shea and I filled the car with balloons and a disco ball.
(No one really noticed... I need some new tactics)

And here is Mrs. Burns- Ben's hero of a teacher.  She is so incredible.  She has literally changed bens life and mine, and I want to be outside of school friends with her so bad.  She doesn't really seem to want to let me down hard, but she did say she was up for being life long friends and hearing updates on Ben forever.  I hope she's been loving all my texts this summer ;)

We also go sno cones.  And we have been back a lot since this photo.
(And it seems like avery is not in our family anymore.  She is kind of a homebody lately or she is at Mary's when we do stuff.  This growin up stuff is hard on mamas)

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