Happy Birthday Ben and Sawyer!

We were supposed to have their crazy 8 birthday party on their actual bday but it looked like it was going to be torrential rain that day so I canceled it.
It of course ended up being a perfect day and I am so sad we are rescheduling it!
We were at Jan and Bob's lakehouse for Memorial Day and so we had pancakes and sung to them when they woke up.

We went to sonic on the way home from the lake and they had a happy birthday sign all ready for the twins!

Then when we got home we found the most amazing Crazy 8 balloon statue that was just phenomenal!!!! Minnie sent that over and it literally made our day.

Then my parents and Allison and Bob and fam met us at Dave n Busters to celebrate again and the twins loved every bit of it.  
It really was the best non party birthday ever.
Ben and Sawyer- I am so incredibly thankful and proud of you guys.  You are such a blessing to us and we would not be who we are without you.  Your determination to learn and grow and teach us new things and love for animals and people around you is so beautiful.  You see so much good and beauty in this world in completely different and unique ways.  Sawyer you want order and routine and Ben you are ok with messy and new and whatever comes your way.  That combo makes y'all best friends and so much fun to parent.  You compliment and love each other and I am just so incredibly thankful God gave you both.  At the same time.  Happy crazy 8s!

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