Flea Style

You know we love a show.  
We love the party atmosphere and meeting all the people.  
We love getting to set up our small space for people to see who we are and what we are about.  It is always just such a fun challenge.
We got so excited when we were accepted into Flea Style Dallas and knew we wanted to focus on our backdrop (almost even more than our shirts). 

We had a vision of making a store front window as the backdrop. 
(Thats so confusing having the backdrop as a store front.  I understand if you dont follow. Stay with me.)
We had seen some really cool store front windows that were filled with balloons and we wanted to try and recreate that fun, whimsical feel.
We thought forever about how to do it and almost gave up one night, when I happened to be looking behind me at these ikea shelves that I have all over my house.  I was casually talking to Allison about moving some to the garage since I wasn't using them. 
Then it hit me.
We could turn that shelf sideways and line it with plexiglass and that could be our booth.  We just needed a base and some plexiglass (if that was even a thing we could get.)
Luckily, Jeff was amazing and already on board with my vision and found plexiglass at home depot that night and cut it for me.
Then Bob got on board and built us a base.

And it started to all come together one piece at a time.
Then, we did a lot of research trying to figure out our color scheme for the tiny balloons that we bought from Oh Happy Day Party Shop.
We ended up going with these colors and then changed our minds the whole time and still dont know which colors we really liked.
SO that was good.

The hard part was going to be figuring out how to blow them all up and get them there in one piece.
We ended up loading them all up in the trailer and taking them and blowing them up there with a lot of different pumps.
And filled it up a little at a time.
And we love how it ended up!

We also wanted to add some personality to our shirts we had displayed.
Thats where Joey and Christina came in to play.
And the very distinguished party lion.
Overall, we really loved how it all turned out and had such a blast at the flea!

Thank you to everyone who came to see us (I wish we had a photo with everyone!) and shopped with us. And it was so much fun people to see all the people we met while we were there and old friends we have seen before.  It really was just such a fun day and we cant wait for more shows to prep for and create fun back drops for. 
Its almost the best part.

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