Barstad's Last Week of School

In pictures.
Field day.
Someone must have donated these bounce houses because they were so big and so much fun- I think every kid thought they were the luckiest kids in the world.  Seeing them crab walk, run, slide and pour water for their team- it really is a little bit of sweaty (and whiny) heaven.
water slide
sass water slide
Shea even got into it and took all her clothes off.  Its not field day until someone gets naked, really.
Then they had presentation day where they showed us all the projects they had been working on all year.  They gathered information and presented it in whatever way they wanted- there was no teacher involvement at all.  Sass and Jenna did a board game and Ben did a sculpture.  There were "movies" and puppet shows and posters- it was so neat to see their imagination run wild.
sass and nathan
sass and jenna
They also had their awards day.
jenna and madison and twins
their class
the twins class
Avery was Helen Keller in her live museum that all the 3rd grade put on.  They all had to recite information about their character when you pushed the "on" button. Avery did a great job, but by the time Papa and Minnie made it over to her she said she was too tired to retell her speech :)
avery as helen keller
We took our crew to the pool for the first time this summer and I can not wait for many more pool trips.
Lots of bike rides, park times and lots and lots of swinging.
sass and shea swingin
And sink baths make the summer heat a little more bare able. (see what I did there?  Im here all week.)
shea sink baths

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