let me introduce the crew

the twins are 9 months old.  ben is the boy and he is a little bit older and sawyer is the girl.  ben is always contemplative and a little bit worried and sawyer (sassy or any variation of that) is much more laid back and easy going.  so so fun, but definitely a surprise.

avery (munchkin, etc) is my oldest and she just turned 3.  she loves all things girly, princess and dora...you know, the usual.  she is fantastic. love her.

baby ella is allison's one and only.  she is almost 1!!!  (and we have a fabulous party in the works) she is an absolute angel.  she never, ever cries; is always happy, fun, energetic and so so sweet.  

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Erynn said...

Thanks for the post on my blog the other day. So sweet. I would love to see your little ones. It's okay that you wrote about being exhausted and asking Why....I get it. Maybe I should plan a trip to Lubbock to see everyone or you guys let me know when you are in town sometime. Tell Allison and Celeste hello...Hang in there. You are probably one of the best mom's out there!

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