Ella's 1st Birthday Party in Candyland!

We had been planning Ella's 1st birthday party for some time now and just can't believe it is already over! The party was a hit and so so much fun! Everything turned out perfect and we had so much fun with family and friends.
It all started with these fabulous invites from funandsassydesigns.
Picnik collage
The lollipops is what took me the longest to make for this party. I cut out circles from thick insulation board I bought at Lowes. I then painted each one with a different design, sprinkled them with glitter, wrapped them in cellophane and then stuck a dowel rod in them.
I made the walkway using big sheets of card stock that I bought at a teacher supply store. I got them all laminated and then just duck taped them together from underneath.
Picnik collage
I bought foam letters at Michael's craft store and painted them to look like the letters on the board game Candyland.
I bought the pink take home boxes at a candy store and ordered the stickers from ebay.
I hot glued skittles onto cardboard letters and wooden picture frames I bought from Hobby Lobby.
I loved all the candy t-shirts that everyone wore to the party. I ordered them from sweetnsourtees.
Picnik collage
It was such a fun party to plan and have! 


Erynn said...

so sweet! what a great idea. you should be a party planner.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Amy and I am new to this blog account. However I am planning my grandbaby's 2nd birthday party and the theme is Candy Land which we saw on Hostess with the Mostess blog. I was referred to your profile from someone who saw the candy land theme. I really love your creativity and ideas. Everything looks so awesome. I had a question as to what you used to make the candy land lane. Looks like foam sheets but not quite sure. Again, the party looks like it was a hit and you did an awesome job. I appreciate your help and feedback.
Grandma Amy

Allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamas31 said...

Thank you so much Allison for getting back with me. My grandbabys party will be the first thing I post on my blog. lol
I will contact you by email and thank you so much for helping out.

Victoria said...

Hi. I saw your party on the creative hostess, how lovely! Just wanted to let you know I am running a contest where you can win $100 gift card to Anthroplogie- I think your party would be a great addition- http://thecitycradle.com/throw-an-imperfect-party-win


Unknown said...

Super cute! I LOVE! the walkway! All the details make it great!


friska said...

Too cute! I do love the walkway too! I am doing a PINKALICIOUS Party for my daugter and wondered what you used for it?

Aliyahsmom said...

Hello, I'm also doing my baby's birthday a candyland theme :) could you please tell me how you did the walk way?

The Preppy Strawberry said...

what a cute party! this is the party theme I'm working on for my daughters 5th bday. What did you use for the color walk way? i'm just curious - I was going to use felt squares in the house but that looks so cute outside! If you don't mind sharing... you can email me at amy@lillianaerin.com

thanks!! Oh and I'm a new follower ;)

Anonymous said...


I would love to know about the walkway as well. LOVE IT!!!!

Thank so much

Their Mom said...

Love the Candyland we're doing one next one too. But i just love the white & orange carpet where can i get one. Thanks

Unknown said...


I would love to know how you did the walk way? Or was this something you purchased. I am currently planning a semi-formal and I know this would be a great decoration to have for my students.

Unknown said...

I know this blog is years old, but what did you make the ball candies out of that are hanging outside of the home? Where did you get the colored and clear cellophane from to wrap the candy?

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